Mike Church is well versed in all aspects of concert touring. He performed in various capacities for Connie Francis (since 1985) - including Agent, Tour Management, Production Management, and Directing her live multi-media show. He has also booked many other legendary performers worldwide. (See "Past Venues")

He produced a full stage production show entitled "Legendary Superstars" at various casinos for a number of years, and efficiently oversees every aspect of live production shows.

He has also had the occasion to work as a booking consultant for concert promoters, helping to assess risk for various artists in certain markets, compiling a projected budget and providing tour histories for artists in similar demographic areas.

Mikes past experience includes 10 years in Network Television, mainly for Dick Clark Productions, but also for Capital Cities/ABC, NBC, CBS, and on Industrials and Syndicated shows, with his positions ranging from Associate Producer, Production Manager, Location Manager, to Post Production Coordinator.