“Ring My Bell” (1979) was one of her most successful hits was #1 in the US, Canada, Central America, and Israel. It sold over 10 million copies and stayed #1 on R&B charts for five weeks and on pop charts for two weeks. Overall, this song stayed on charts for over five months. With “Ring My Bell”, Anita Ward toured all across the world to places in the US, Europe, Spain, Netherlands, Central and South America, Mexico, and Brazil. She also performed for several tv shows.

Born December 20, 1956 in Memphis, TN where she currently resides. She started singing at the age of 2 years old (in which she was on her first trip with her family). While she was a young girl in school she started singing in school functions, at church, and also at Rust College which she attended. While performing with the school choir (Acapella Choir) she created an album with a metropolitan opera star Leotyne Price. Anita also has a gospel album that she created around that time that is still being played across the world today!

After graduating college, Anita Ward became a substitute teacher in Memphis. Afterawhile, former artist Stax Records, Frederick Knight, asked Ms. Ward to do a 3-song-session for him. He was impressed with her talent and offered Anita to join his independent label Juana Records. This is where she created her first pop/rnb album “Songs of Love” in 1979. She later created another album with Juana Records called “Sweet Splendor” also several others with another record label.

Anita is a hard working mother and wife, who dedicated her life to managing and teaching. She still performs at different events here and there, as well as, doing appearances for tv shows, participating in radio interviews, etc. Also, Ms. Anita Ward has recently released a smashing hit record called “Its My Night”, on May 20, 2011.