Dance diva Amber arrived on the music scene in 1996. Her first release, “This is Your Night”, became an International mainstream hit and stayed in the charts for nearly two years. The track was licensed for countless compilations, featured in the hit film “A Night at the Roxbury”, and took it’s place in pop culture history as one of the best loved, and most recognizable, dance songs of the Nineties. Recently, after multiple requests from her fans, Amber re-recorded a new contemporary and remixed version (iTunes USA) for digital distribution.

After the worldwide success of “This is Your Night”, Amber released an album of the same name, which spawned two more hits. Her second single, “The Colour of Love”, also charted on the US Hot 100 and became her first Top 5 hit on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart. Despite it’s commercial success, Amber has since revealed that she was not at all happy with the song and she no longer includes it in her live show playlists.

For the followup to “Colour of Love”, her label at the time, Tommy Boy, commissioned remixes of a ballad from her debut album. “One More Night” remixed became her third track in a row to chart on the American Hot 100 and her third consecutive Top Ten on the Dance Chart. Amber recently re-recorded “One More Night” and brand new remixes (iTunes USA) are available internationally over most digital download sites.

1n 1998, while still basking in the glow of her initial mainstream success, Amber joined with Dance Divas Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enrique to form the trio “Stars on 54”. Collectively, they recorded a cover of “If You Could Read My Mind”, which became the theme of the Mike Meyer’s film “54”. To promote the track, the trio performed live on national television in North America and Europe.

“If You Could Read My Mind” became Amber’s highest charting track in her career to that date, hitting #3. In Canada, where the song’s writer, Gordon Lightfoot, is considered a national treasure, the release was a mainstream Top Ten hit and is still in rotation on the world famous CHUM-FM radio station in Toronto to this day.

By the time “If You Could Read My Mind” was peaking, Amber was readying her second album for release. It’s first official single and, indeed, her career, were about to explode.